Once, in my childhood i thought of being a pilot…LOL…Probably i was fascinated by aeroplane and helicopter.But that didn't last long, my aim changed to be a civil engineer.Not the best job in the planet, but certainely best job in Nepal.I was Unknown about what was going to happen in my life but still i was happy.

I am not Er.Sabin Nepal !!!

Cause i didn't do well in examination.To be an engineer by profession here means have more money or get more marks.I didn't had both.It's the sad portion.
Then, i choose to study about computers.Hadn't made my mind to study about that but i had to eventually.


It's been three years now since i joined Bachelors. First the first three or four months, couldn't stop thinking about how i missed my chance of being an engineer.Life changes, Time changes…
Messing up with my computer is my day to day activity now.I feel happy doing it.Hours and hours of time I spent in my laptop i am gaining something.A small thing, a short block of code i write ,makes me happy now.


Er.Sabin Nepal is what i used to think about me.But now i don't need that Er., I still make things like an engineer does.I am happy nowadays, my terminal makes me happy.